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Launch your very own eCommerce platform

"If you have a subdomain, you can manage your own network of merchants out-of-the-box."
Emy Carlan - CEO
Emy Carlan
CEO Plug&Paid

The eCommerce platform

Plug&Paid is an all-in-one eCommerce toolbox that helps businesses increase their revenue, easier and faster. From digital products to subscriptions and donations, your merchants can sell any type of product or service with just a few clicks.

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Shopping Carts

Merchants create shopping carts that can be embedded in any online channel (website, social media, email list etc) with the use of hosted pages, buttons, widgets, links or QR codes. 

Invoices and Payouts

They can also invoice individual customers on-demand and setup affiliate programs so that others can promote their products and services for a commission.

Create Invoices Online

Multiple Payment Gateways

Collect payments with Stripe, PayPal, BitPay, RazorPay, Instamojo, wire transfers, cash on delivery and more added every year.

Worldwide Audience

Payments, invoicing and customer emails are available in 21 languages, supporting over 46 currencies and 100% automated EU VAT and GDPR. Full SCA and 3D Secure 2 support via our 3rd party partners.

The Whitelabel Platform

Our Superbolts platform has all the tools and features you need to successfully manage your eCommerce platform and setup dynamic customer billing according to your business needs.

Whitelabel eCommerce Agency

Automated Client Billing & Onboarding

Each billing plan has its own hosted signup page under your domain which you can use to onboard clients immediately.

Apply discounts, charge addons and monitor each merchant’s usage in your whitelabel dashboard.

Client Billing Management
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Help businesses in your area receive payments for their products and services online with your new amazing platform!

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  • 1. How does it work?

    Using a simple CNAME configuration, we automatically create your own eCommerce platform, accessible under your own domain. Your merchants can login to their accounts with

  • 2. How do I onboard merchants to my platform?

    When you create a billing plan for your whitelabel, we will automatically generate a signup page for each plan, hosted under your own domain. You can share the URL of the hosted page with your merchants. You can also manually invite clients.

  • 3. What happens if I go over my monthly allowance?

    If you reach a quota limit, then extra transactions or data transfer costs will be added to your monthly invoice, according to your plan.

  • 4. Do you offer support?

    We offer technical support to you directly. Clients are the ownership of the whitelabel, thus they cannot get in contact with us. Inquiries related with their accounts or setting-up their shoppings carts are handled by the whitelabel admin.

  • 5. What’s planned for the future?

    Our Superbolts platform receives frequent free updates and new features. Currently we have planned to translate the merchant platform in German, Romanian and Greek, add additional payment integrations for merchants and launch a customer re-targetting module.

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No credit card required